What could've been

Jonathan Suzuki

I've just saw a game between EDG and 100 Theives. The first seed from china and the first seed from north america competing in the League of Legends Worlds Championship. 100 Theives won against all odds. But it was a bittersweet win. You could see clearly in their faces, "Closer" the jungler, one of the best junglers in NA. He was happy to win against one of the best teams of the world, but you could see that it couldn't beat the sadness of it being their last game of Worlds. They were eliminated. It didn't matter that they beat one of the contenders for the title of the best of the world. They had no more games to prove that they had a chance. They could've been the best, they had the potential, but now we will never know.

There is a lot on sports, it isn't always the best that win a championship. Sometimes you had more luck in the bracket phase. Sometimes the people you face just weren't suit to face you, but they could've faced anyone else that they would smash them. Sometimes it just wasn't their day. There is a lot of "unfairness" on sports. Not really unfairness, but things that tip the scale. There are many thin lines separating what could've been from what happens in a match, it is an isolated moment in space and time. It can decide whether you and your team are the best in the world. It could've happen that your team was the best in the world, but you lost. So does that potential even matter? If you lost, could you've really done it? I mean, if it was truth, you'd've clutch it out woudn't've you?

Life is unfair. And life is unfair even outside matches. Life is just unfair. But that unfairness can just be the chance for everyone else. It was exciting seeing NA beating the first seed of China. Could it happen again? Maybe if the variables were right. Is it unlikely? Probably yes. But if there is something humans are known for is making the unlikely become history.

Take a diffent cenario: 100 Theives with that win make out of groups and eliminate EDG. They won. Does it matter if they were unlikely to win? They won when it mattered. They were on the top of their game when it was important. Then they went to make history, they won against the most stacked oponnents they've ever faced. They were unlikely to win, but it doesn't matter: they just woke up different.

I don't think these cenarios are that different from our day to day life. It doesn't matter the cenario, we're always playing against the odds and even when we have the odds, it can be impressive (if we lose or we win, it is impressive to see a team that had all odds losing). Upsets happen more often than you think. That's just because we are garbage and I mean we are G A R B A G E when it means to evaluating odds. Odds is something that we as humans are absolute garbage when evaluating. We say that 70% is 100% certainty and it happens every so often.

Good afternoon to you all!

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